My artwork explores humankind’s ever-changing relationship to nature and technology. It investigates the possibility that sentient life has the potential to become godlike, as is evidenced in the birth of AI, nanotechnology, and the Simulation Hypothesis. Human innovation creates a warped mirror, reflecting a synthetic version of nature and creating an uncanny reality. As technology continues to evolve, humanity will transform to the ultimate realization of nature — god or creation itself — and become a construct of an eternal, endless vibration, energy and information capable of infinite possibilities. 

Inspired by ancient traditions of the human form, my sculptures update the conventional figure by showing the ways technology impacts the human body and our perception of it. My work derives from the post-apocalyptic worlds of anime like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and science-fiction stories from the 1940’s on with the publication of Orwells 1984 as well as traditional and modern art movements. Greco-Roman art used science to create immutable laws of beauty to tell the stories of the heavens. Byzantines created symbolic mosaics of expressionless angelic beings. Futurists blended man, machine and motion while Surrealists constructed hyperbolic world beyond our own. I join these divergent aesthetics into a new independent universe akin to Dune, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and ancient mythology.

A new language is constructed through the use of repeated symbolic forms, allegories, exaggerated forms and androgynous supernatural beings. It suggests themes of myth making, alternate realities and a new religion of science dubbed as Neo-Naturalism.

Utilizing organic matter, such as found wood, preserved moss, mud, stone, and flowers, as well as synthetic materials, my work calls attention to the fragility of the environment and brings awareness to the contemporary issues of climate change. By combining innovative 3D sculpting methods with traditional techniques it constructs a universe complete with its own lessons, fables, and characters. The diversity of materials correlates to the infinite resources in the world with the ultimate goal of expanding my practice to produce immersive experiences involving video, mixed media sculpture and sound.