My artwork explores the ever-evolving relationship between nature and technology. Its core belief is that through coming advances in science, humanity will transform itself into a God-like entities that can recreate their own versions of nature and existence.

Aesthetically and thematically the work is inspired by post-apocalyptic worlds like the anime Akira, the film Robocop, and books like 1984 (to name a few) as well as traditional and modern art movements. Greco-Roman art used science to create immutable laws of beauty to tell the stories of the heavens. Byzantines created symbolic mosaics of expressionless angelic beings. Futurists blended man, machine and motion while Surrealists constructed hyperbolic world beyond our own. I join these divergent aesthetics into a new independent universe complete with its own mythology, fables, and symbols.

Blending cross-cultural religious motifs, organic elements, and technological components, my sculptures update the conventional human figure. It is the expression of an emerging religion of science, which I’ve dubbed Neo-Naturalism.