Plastic, copper wire, resin, gold foil, LED

Garret Kane 2019
Mixed media sculpture
84 x 48 x 60 inches
10% of profits donated to environmental charity

By personifying Artificial Intelligence as an angelic savior through a blending of cross-cultural religious iconography, Neon God turns the paradigm of deities on its head stating that the gods no longer created us, but rather we create them.

Constructed from over 2300 feet of copper wire, Neon Gods is a dialogue about human technology creating a sentience equal to or superior to God, as is evidenced in the birth of AI, nanotechnology and the simulation hypothesis.  An ultimate being capable of creating its own realities, its glowing golden muscle sinew replaces our red protein based ones.

Available for purchase or commission.

Featured at Chashama’s 2019 Gala at 1 World Trade, NY | Currently on display in the Prow Artspace in NYC’s Flatiron building