Plastic, welded metal rods, wire mesh, plaster wrap, 3d printed parts, glue, spray paint, borax, branches, roots, tree kits, led kits, preserved moss, preserved bonsai, copper plating, and patina kits.

Garret Kane 2017
Mixed media assemblage
84 x 48 x 60 inches
10% of profits donated to environmental charity

Golemecha is the reinvention / combination of a mythological being through the lens of technology. In judaic folklore a golem is a protector made from mud and sticks. In Japanese culture a Mech is a warrior made from advanced robotics. By combining them we create a new entity, constructed from both nature and technology. Golemecha was installed in NYC's Flatiron Building, Prow Art space in 2017 with 9 glowing globes to represent 9 celestial bodies. It is under-lit with purple LED’s.

Can be commissioned for construction/installation.


Nyc flatirons prow artspace installation


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