Garret Kane

I’m Garret Kane, an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn NY and here are a few words on art!

All human invention is - at its core - the manipulation of matter and energy. And I believe art is the purest form of that. It's sole purpose is to push matter and energy to the most interesting places it can go.

Well, that's the idea I like to operate from, and it’s what inspires much of what I do.

Specifically the mediums, concepts and techniques I prefer all revolve around this association with base nature. They embody the idea that human beings were made by nature and through technology we attempt to recreate nature in our own image.

Lastly, because nature inspires everything I do and because I love our planet, 10% of all my profits go to the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) which you can check out here:

Ok, that's all, thanks for reading!